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11:33am 03/08/2011


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born to love 
03:21pm 11/02/2011
  The sun almost sets and I get this weird feeling like I was losing my mind,
I just cant stop thinking about Marie. She's at another place and I miss
her terribly. I keep telling her how much I love her and she said the same,
but I cant figure out if its just friendship or she too is falling for me.
But sometimes I think or I just want to think that she's sending me
signals; you know body languages and stuff. I still remember when I was 13
and she was 14 and we are young and still in high school where uncertainty
becomes everyone's issue, it was a very hot sunny afternoon of august when
I first heard the words other people say to the people they really care
about, I love you was being shouted at the whole school in front of many
people and that really makes me think twice.

After 8 years of being courted by men, we are still single and some kind of
don't want to be in a commitment. Sometimes we cant help ourselves well
even in public, we are still close, I mean really close like holding each
other while ordering food, make sweet gestures when every eye is looking,
well I don't care as long as I'm happy. Since then there has been an
unanswered question between us, we don't need to say it coz we can feel it,
but there is still a problem.
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Roman Charity 
10:47am 11/02/2011
  ( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )  

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02:24am 18/11/2010
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lesbiclub.org - lesbian social network 
03:04am 24/09/2010
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A Rose 
01:47pm 19/06/2010
  I watched the rose peddles fall on my floor so many memories lost that way. How the years have gone by since I watched my first rose wither with all my love I tried to keep it alive. Thought about it as I sat there in my chair dreaming of days past. It is funny how you remember those days now about to be married I feel so fulfilled this rose some how is different. IT has a real meaning to me it means love real love not just any ordinary love.

The redness of it reminds me of the soft tender kisses and the feeling of her mouth on mine especially when I am not feeling well. The softness of her skin like a smooth cream. Always so inviting making me feel like I am finally home when I am in her arms. She is so strong but at the same time so tender with me she is everything I ever wanted in a woman. Before you paint a scene of us in your head let me tell you my lover is a butch and I am a soft butch. Ok that said I can continue.

As I sit here now and stair at the rose I dream of all the passionate nights I have had. I sat in my leather jacket and a black thong which is my favorite. There is nothing like black leather the hard feel of it the smell of it to make you feel free as you ride the wind on a bike the freedom that makes you feel a live if not for a second in life. I turned then to face my lover and she smiled at me and I smiled back I had a wonderful surprise for her waiting. I went in to our bed room got dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a red t shirt and told her to follow me.

We walked out to the street where I pulled a tarp off of a new bike that shone with the fresh new baby blue paint I had it pained for her with red flames. With black velvet seats it was so hot I couldn't believe it was ours and I smiled and handed her a helmet. That was blue and white and matched mine. She smiled and took me in her arms and kissed me passionately with out a word we both got on it and I held on to her almost in a hug and she started up the bike. We rode to a deserted area I knew and she turned around on the bike and balancing it started to finger fuck me as I rubbed her shaven head and kissed her so longly. I could not help but think how I wanted this for so many years.

Then I slipped my fingers inside her leather pants and played around with her clit until I felt the heat and juices dripping down my fingers and I kept feeling her. I stuck a finger inside her to feel her warm insides god it felt like bliss.

I looked around the deserted road it was so quite and the stars were shining it was so perfect. "I love you" she said as I staired into her blue eyes some times I think I can fall right into them. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small box I knew it had to be jewelry I loved jewelry so much. " I know this has been coming for sometime but will you marry me?" she asked as sweat beat down her forehead. I smiled and hugged her yes I will I said. We got back on the road and road into the early morning it wasn't until one am when we got back to our house.

I felt like the happiest woman alive on earth I finally had everything I ever wanted a warm home with our cat and each other. I took off my clothes with a smile on my face and climbed into bed soon I would be the wife of the one person in this world that matter so dearly to me. That I would die for and more.

The next morning I woke to breakfast made on my nightstand I was in awe and a half a dozen roses and a poem on a slip of paper. I looked over and there was my butch daddy standing in the door way already dressed in a t shirt and dark blue jeans and work boots. She walked over to me and kissed me tenderly. "How is my wife to be?" she asked as I staired at her "very well" I said looking at her she was the most beautiful thing I had every seen.

The rest of that morning few by in a blur I don't remember what else happened now I sit here and think about it.

Now I sit here in my chair and look at the last rose and stair at its red pedals and pray that our marriage will be great as I scroll threw wedding dresses on the computer.Oh... well she is home I have to go make her dinner sigh.
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Irresistible tits 
07:46pm 04/02/2010
  She wore this beautiful shear white blouse that pulled open a little
between the buttons showing off glimpses of her sexy lacey bra. I
couldn't help but notice and found myself peeking at every opportunity.
The fullness of her tits with that bounce as she took a step and those
lovely "headlights" pressed up against her blouse beckoned me to her. I
was kind of behind and to the side of her looking down at her generous
cleavage when she turned her head sharply and asked "Do you like what
you see?" in a whispered voice. I smiled embarrassed at my lack of
discretion but whispered back "Oh yes....I'd love a better view!" She
turned away and walked off towards the bathroom, her hips swaying and
those luscious titties bouncing as I followed close on her tail. She
turned as I closed the door to the handicap stall and said "Undress me."
No verbal response necessary I reached for her blouse and unbuttoned,
sitting on the toilet facing her standing before me. I was eye level
with her beautiful breasts, exposing her flesh as my mouth watered. I
got the the fourth button and pulled the top of that gauzy blouse
apart, her cleavage bulging forward as I leaned to give little butterfly
kisses over them. "More" was all she could say..."mmmmore" I
unbuttoned the last 3 and she dropped that blouse off her shoulders.
Her pretty titties framed in white lace turned me on as I licked and
kissed and sucked them getting her bra all wet. Ohhh my her hard
nipples looked so delicious thru that wet lace. I nibbled gently back
and forth, getting a little harder and rougher with them as those
nipples got rock hard. I reached around behind her and unsnapped her
bra...oh yesss She turned from me and slowly slid her straps down
teasing me as I needed to suck her flesh. Finally she moved the bra and
her hands and oh god yes-so beautiful and round and instantly my hands
and mouth are all over them. Her titties are instantly wet as I lick
and suck and kiss her soft, warm boobies. I slide my hand up her skirt
and rub that pantyhose covered pussy, damp and hot and gyrating
immediately. "Yes get me off ....oh please ...yesss suck my nipples oh
you feel so good." Needless to say my own pussy was soaked as I stroked
hers. And easily her beautiful, responsive body arched and shivered as
I sucked both her hard nipples at once and rubbed her horny pussy. She
moaned loudly (we both forgot we were in a office restroom) as I
finished her off with my fingers on her clit rubbing against those
soaking wet pantyhose. I licked up and down the valley between her
generous titties as she kinda pushed them at me rubbing them all over my
face as she slowed her hips. I looked up to see her smile her breathing
almost back to normal as she said "I want more later."

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new to this... 
08:55am 11/08/2009
  hey i am new to this so i just wanted to stop by and say hi and whats up. recently i found out that i like girls but i also like guys so the term you use is bi. i do have a girls friend and she is amazing! i wish i had found her sooner she makes me so happy!  

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01:19pm 22/07/2009
  Hey everyone. I'm a 19 y/o girl looking for another girl to chat with online. Add me and talk anytime!

aim xxscenegurlxxx
msn scenegurlxoxo@live.com

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11:51am 02/02/2009
Sweet weekendCollapse )

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10:44am 02/02/2009

кудряшкиCollapse )

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Финал стоит всего просмотра! 
10:50am 09/01/2009
  Пособие для рукоблуддельниц

Эх, обольше бы таких умничек умелых!

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Have a taste of Blood and Mint Chocolates! 
09:31pm 13/11/2008

Freya’s Bower has released my novella within the Dark Moon series, Blood and Mint Chocolates!

You can learn more about this book and/or purchase it here.

You can also read reviews of this novella here: http://www.adriannebrennan.com/reviews.html

Blurb and cover below cut:Collapse )


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new here 
12:44pm 04/07/2008

Just wanted to say whats up and introduce myself. Im definately into females,guess one could label me as bi,was in a boy girl relatinship,but also in a female female one too,i like butch girls more of a girly girl myself but am open...


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Give me ideas... 
01:34am 03/07/2007
  I wanna be bad but I've forgotten howCollapse )


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09:12pm 16/06/2007
I'm Lola and I'm a lesbian ( Well, Bi with a strong lean toward women)
I'm a writer and porn diva. I'm here to make friends or find the girl of my dreams.
feel free to talk..
dj_joliemorte on YIM or add me

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06:50pm 20/05/2007

This is my attempt at introducing myself: I am a 29 year old lesbian who is working on her masters degree in library science. Museum curator is what that means for me. I have had an LJ account for awhile, but I am really bored with the content I see and am sincerely looking for a few odd balls to play with. Anyway………ask me questions, ask to be added, give me a new song to listen to, tell me to fuck off………

In the nude  is my mantra so sometimes I may post some nakedness or a dapple of random verse that may be a bit explicit ……….anyway…….


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Real Female Ejaculation @ GirlTools 
06:56pm 03/05/2007
  New at GirlTools Alice & Penny Pt. 2

Alice squirts! Penny is quite surprised and just has to check it out. Real women talk about female ejaculation! Penny is using the Beehive, Alice uses the Eroscillator. 6:17 min.
3 nudie screen capsCollapse )

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10:25pm 22/04/2007
  Hi. I'm new here. I usually write fanfiction but I have a couple of snippet-type girlporn things... So yeah. Here they are.

The Perfect Fit
Calm Touching

Reviews would be appreciated, obviously. :)

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09:31pm 18/04/2007
  Just a little somethin' somethin'!!

...in celebration of finishing my final exam of the year! I'm now halfway done my undergrad! Woo hoo!


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